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A program designed for those who have regained weight since surgery. Work from a foundation of weight loss surgery towards success. Find community, education, support, and let today be the last time you get back on track!

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Lose the Regain Program

We have identified the reason WLS patients regain weight and address the problem by teaching you how to use skills that are effective in keeping the weight off. While most bariatric programs can help patients substantially reduce their weight, they fail to provide patients with a sustainable plan to keep the weight off. Recent research is clear on why many WLS patients face significant regain.

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The Weight Loss Surgery Success Program was developed by Leslee Miller, a licensed clinical social worker who has spent the past six years working with patients who have undergone weight loss surgery. She has watched too many patients lose their weight and then regain it over time. Recent research explains why this happens. While most bariatric programs are successful at helping overweight clients significantly reduce their weight with weight loss surgery, most programs do not provide patients with a sustainable plan to keep the weight off. Many bariatric programs and dieticians associated with those programs teach patients to eat "in moderation" or "intuitively." This does not work for the bariatric patient who is addicted to carbohydrates/sugars. The carb addict's brain works differently than a non-addicts brain. The Weight Loss Surgery Success Program takes this into account and teaches the patient how to incorporate the ketogenic diet to live a healthy life. The ketogenic diet addresses and corrects the ultimate problem that causes weight regain after weight loss surgery.

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Leslee Miller, MSW, LCSW

Practicing since 2006

In addition to being a licensed mental health therapist, I underwent weight loss surgery in 2005. I lost my excess weight and was very pleased with the outcome for several years following surgery.

In 2012, I began working for three bariatric surgeons and providing support groups for their patients after WLS. I saw hundreds of patients and watched them over a 6 year period as they lost, or attempted to lose, their weight. I also received specialized addiction training and began incorporating it into my treatment of WLS patients to great effect.

All the while I was noticing (and trying to ignore) my own weight going up. Over the years, I lost and regained and every time, It was frustrating and scary to go back to that place of feeling out of control. I believed that WLS was supposed to make the changes stick. But every time I went back to “normal” eating, no matter how well-intentioned I was in limiting my carbohydrates, I inevitably slid back into old habits and regained.

During this time, I read books and saw documentaries that radically shifted my view of health and the body. I realized that systems like “Calories in/calories out” were grossly misguided. My whole understanding of obesity had been influenced by industries invested in propagating bad science and outdated ideas about obesity.

With this new understanding and guidance from experts in the field of obesity, I have shed my regained weight and dramatically improved my health. My body is no longer flooded with insulin. Best of all I feel energetic and great!

Tara Finnerty RDN, CSP, CD

Practicing since 2010

I'm a registered dietician and owner of Sugar House Nutrition. I have a passion for the ketogenic diet that began working with children with severe epilepsy. For many of my clients, the ketogenic diet worked like a miracle after months or years of misguided medication regiments. Hands down, the best part of my job is when I can make a huge impact on a person’s health by just helping them make the right eating choices for their health situation. Food can work like magic!

Witnessing the incredible benefits for epileptic patients empowered my study for other potential benefits in health and disease. When I found out Leslee had used the ketogenic diet to lose weight she had regained since her bariatric surgery, I was reminded of the potential of keto for the WLS population. Leslee and I used all the research we could find to make an evidence-based program to support this population as they look for sustainable ways to change their health.

While working with clients, I provide the support of a well-formulated and personalized diet plan that supports the nutritional diversity of each individual to provide healthy living that's achievable and sustainable!

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